The Herb Garden

Are all your herbs scattered around the garden in any available space.
 Are they in a  myriad of different pots and containers.
 Hopefully, this article could help you with a more organised and therefore more useful way of having herbs.


How about creating one specific area to grow your herbs in.
 It is important for herbs to get full sun.
 It is easy to create a small area, you may have to move the odd plant to accommodate this, but it will be worth it.

Ideally it is a good to create a raised area, which can be done using bricks or wood to go round the edge, and then the in fill of soil, should, therefore always be free draining which is fabulous for most of the herb world.

It is good not to use too rich a soil as the herb world generally does not get loamy soil in their native conditions.

Do Not Use Old Railway Sleepers For This Purpose, as they are full of tar and oil and it will be absorbed into the herbs and then into your cooking.

There are low growing herbs for round the edge such as creeping Thyme and Rosemary.
 It is good to plant them in such a way that the most used ones are the most easy to get to.

Obviously double up on the Oregano if you cook a lot of pizza for example.

The Herb choices are huge and it is always great fun to introduce the odd unusual one.  A favorite unusual one for me would be the Scallion.  These are really perpetual salad onions.  What can you find to tick the box for unusual.

The Unusual one or two that you introduce could well precipitate a new recipe for the kitchen too.

Mint needs to be planted in a separate planter of trough, as this plant can easily take over and dominate the situation.

There are many herbs to consider and it is definitely worth considering the ones that you would use the most and the ones that are reliable.Bear in mind that there are annuals within the herb world and you may want avoid those that will not go through the winter safely.   

It is worth remembering when children are present, that all edibles are in a given area, as this makes it much easier to keep them safe in the generally toxic world of plants.
 The pathways need to be a material which is clean to the feet even in the rain and winter months as you will need to go to get fresh herbs despite the weather, many times a month.

It is great to get the structure to an area of the garden and find the herb garden both practical and great to look at.  Good Luck.

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